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Ha ha, okay.

So Spiderman was perfect in just about every way imaginable.

Andrew Garfield was adorable, goofy, and sassy to the point where I’m pretty sure he became Peter Parker. Also; his hair is like a magical untamed beast. It is a thing of beauty. Gwen Stacy was lovely, confident, capable, and competent (lot of C’s, hmm…). I just loved her. Emma Stone was a great choice. Btw, you know the random bully that no body cares about? He gets about 5 minutes total of screen time and manages to go through more character growth than… well any main character in an action movie has ever gone through. It’s beautiful, and I love him.

The plot flowed smoothly, made sense, and didn’t stop to pat our hand, and waste 10 minutes trying to explain what a superhero is because FUCK YOU WE ALREADY KNOWS THIS GET BACK TO THE MOVIE. It was just sort of like “Mutant spiders, ‘kay? We all know this. We’re all comfortable with this. Now onto the plot.”

Oh! And the 3D! I am pretty sure that 3D movies were invented for this movie. Everything else was all just leading up to this point. SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3D. Unless, you know, 3D gives you a headache (which is a problem some people have). But if you’re not one of those people SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3D!

And now I have to leave for work, because 2 hours of sleep is totally enough to function on, right? Right? Eh, I’ll just crash when I get home this afternoon.

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