If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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“Just popped in to let you know - no need to worry really - small Dalek invasion. I’ll have it cleaned up by tea time.”

My new headcanon - The Doctor must be popping in to Lestrade’s office every few weeks to let him know about the latest plague/invasion/disaster and promising to get it all sorted out in time for tea!

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Superwholock parallels: What are you without your superpower?

 #Which is such an important question for each of these characters #revered by others because they are SPECIAL #but what happens when their flaws overshadow their abilities? #Are they still loved and respected when they become the broken men they are? #The Doctor is just a man too old and too young playing games with people’s lives #Castiel is confused and broken and tries too hard to protect who he loves#Sherlock is a man constantly existing on a plane above general human interaction failing to connect with the ones who matter most #at some point the dream breaks down #the mirror reveals the truth #and when that happens #who is still standing by their side?

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