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10 Reasons to love Okage: Shadow King

  1. The main theme is the dangers of allowing stereotypes and labels to control how you interact with others and the world around you
  2. You fight evil in the name of evil
  3. The characters are ridiculous and have fun designs
  4. It starts off zany and fun then slowly transforms into an all-out battle for free will and independence
  5. The monsters have funny names
  6. Holy shit is it good at being creepy
  7. I’m not even kidding, there are a million little things that, on their own, would be dismissable but when put together paint a disturbing image
  8. Like that fucking joke about the turtle and the pebble, jesus christ
  9. Or the fact that NO ONE knows anything about the royal family or where they came from and none of them think that’s messed up
  10. Bad guys include: Former Ex-Chairman Evil King, Bubble Evil King, Teen Idol Evil King, and Sewer Evil King


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