If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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so my little brother has avengers legos and i just saw that he had the loki one set up like this and i was so confused for a minute and then i figured it out

he’s roasting marshmallows

This is the first time I’ve burst out laughing when my family was in the room. I’m embarrassed now askjd

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Everything is Loki


At work, a coworker refilled the ice bucket that goes in front of my register, and he was helping me get a parfait back in because he put too much ice in.  So he digs into the ice and pulls it apart, and then he laughs, “Haha, I’m like Moses, parting the frozen sea,” and I lost it.

Frozen -> Jotunheim -> Frost Giants -> Loki
Moses/parting the sea -> Prince of Egypt -> “All I Ever Wanted” -> Loki

I had to completely disengage at that point, and I think my coworker is still confused. 

Ha ha, holy shit that’s hilarious!

Was it Sean? I bet it was Sean.

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