If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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#one of the reasons i love a:tla so much is because they have these strong female characters. azula is a villain, but she’s still a determined and ambitious and strong-willed girl, and unbelievably talented. katara is one of those amazing girls who can be feminine yet strong, and fierce and loving and protective. mai shows that you shouldn’t judge a person on their outward appearance or manner, and that there’s really more than meets the eye. i can fucking relate to smellerbee so so much, as a teenage girl insecure about my appearance, but smellerbee isn’t ashamed of how she looks or how someone might judge her. toph is such an amazingly awesome person; she’s so brave and tough, but then there are those moments where she tears down her walls and you see her for the sweet little girl she is underneath. ty lee puts on such a happy disposition and is so optimistic and caring towards everyone, but she hides so much pain and hurt inside, and that makes her unbelievably strong. yue is so fucking brave; can you imagine giving up your life willingly just like she did? she was called on to protect her people, and she did so without a moment’s hesitation. suki is everything i want to be: sweet, brave, strong, kind, and just perfect in every way, though lacking a bit in the humor department. but it’s okay, ‘cause sokka’s her perfect half

In short, Avatar treats women like people, no props or symbols, and that makes all the difference.



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