If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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” I will be the first man to kiss you” - Tom Hiddleston

holy shit there goes my panties, my ovaries my everything

holy fucking shit 

oh wow okay where can i get the rest of this whatever this is, because daaaaayum

I think I must be a bad fangirl because my reaction to this is just “BAD TOUCH!” and the desire to stab my would-be assailant.

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Filed under tom hiddleston He sounds sexy and all But he also sounds like a rapist and I'm not okay with that

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We wanted the audience to fight for his redemption until the last moment. To hope that maybe he could be brought back from the brink. If somebody could say something… the right thing to make him feel kind of emotionally and spiritually at ease that he didn’t maybe have such a painful axe to grind. Um… maybe just somebody say ‘I love you,’ that would have been nice.
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