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she's going to use it.

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Hirano Yoshihisa
Sakura Kiss for string





Song: Sakura Kiss (for string)
Artist: Hirano Yoshihisa
Album: Ouran High School Host Club Soundtrack & Character Song 1

soundtrack of my life. wedding song, funeral song, what have you.

oh my god, used as a wedding song, I’m in heaven!

Annnnnnd playlisted for the ball. 

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Cœur de Pirate
Ain't No Sunshine




Cœur de Pirate | Ain’t No Sunshine

ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
it’s not warm when she’s away

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I love Coeur de Pirate! ♥︎

They are the awesome people behind the Child of Light Soundtrack, which I absolutely recommend, by the way. Also, by the way, you can pick up the song above over at their Bandcamp page!

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Vance Joy


riptide // vance joy

i was scared of dentists and the dark
i was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations
oh, all my friends are turning green
you’re the magician’s assistant in their dreams

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