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I have a friend in the US Naval Academy (USNA) whose name is Bea (coppercosmonaut). She and I have been close friends for longer than we can remember; she’s an amazing human being in so many ways that I can’t really… put it into words.

(I’m also crazy mad in love with her. We’re homosexual platonic life partners, yeah.)

Point: next year, the USNA kids have this event called the Ring Dance. It’s when people (from her year) get to wear their school rings. There’s a huge prom organized for/around it, and it’s a pretty big deal. It’s like the Nobel Award Ceremony for those students, I shit you not.

And, well, they’re kids, right? So of course, there has to be an annual competition. And we’re talking about a naval academy here; this is a big competition. What’s the goal?

Bring the most famous prom date.

Now, Bea and I are hardcore Supernatural fans. (I mean lol why else would we be on tumblr. jkjk) So, of course, who do you think she want to try and invite? Only the most perfectest man in the universe otherwise known as


I support her wholeheartedly in this endeavor, and I sincerely believe that this is something that she can accomplish, with a little help and thinking and elbow grease. Thing is, she needs a little help, and that’s where I come in. That’s where you come in, too. We have to get this reblogged everywhere, by every Big Name Fan (BNF) out there, so that the message spreads as much as possible. We have a year, but really, the faster we do this, the better.

Bea’s going to make a video that she’ll try and get to Misha soon, explaining in more detail what the Ring Dance is, and what the competition is in itself. By then, we want to have gotten this message around Tumblr and Twitter as much as possible. We want to build the hype.

Please help Bea feel like a princess. She’s been through a lot of abuse and death and… things that I don’t really want to think about in a general matter. I would really want her to have this one day, this one chance to feel like the only girl in the world that matters, because, hell, I don’t think even she thinks she matters all that much.


Yeah, reblogging. This is totally adorable.

Good luck, Bea!

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