If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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I want a Hawkeye movie that takes place during all the Phase 2 MCU movies, but it’s all about the ‘minor’ stuff Clint does during them. Like, sorry he missed the Mandarin stuff, he was fighting the mob, and sorry Cap and Nat he was gonna come but Trickshot found him and he had to fight for his life, and oh wow Thor sorry to hear about your brother dying (not really), but he got a dog wanna meet him?

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• Who could forget that time when Clint Barton let his neighbor’s kids watched a holiday cartoon at his place?
• At long last THIS ISSUE is pretty much the cartoon they all watch. YOU’RE WELCOME.
• A very special holiday HAWKGUY that at long last lets legendary letterer CHRIS ELIOPOLOUS flex his astounding cartooning muscles in our pages. Matt and Matt do their regular jobs though. Maybe David will letter it? Probably not.

Preview for Hawkeye #017 with art by David Aja and Chris Eliopoulos, via themarysue

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