If you give a Viking a battle axe...

she's going to use it.

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So I feel like talking about me for a second.

I’m currently working at a Panera, and it’s the first job I’ve had where I have these long spans of time where I’m either standing around waiting for customers, or doing busy work with my hands. These long periods of time where I often find myself lacking a conversation partner don’t really work well with my inability to not make noise, and I guess that’s why I’ve started singing a lot.

It’s kind of weird that everyone at work identifies me with the fact that I’m always singing there because it’s never been part of my identity before. So idk, it’s flattering but also really odd.

If I’m concentrating on something instead of singing my coworkers will start joking around and asking why I’m so quiet. There’s one guy in particular who always asks me to sing if I’m being quiet, or encouraging me if I’m already singing. This is the entirety of the reason I like him more than my other coworkers. Even if he’s just joking around and teasing me, he genuinely smiles when I start singing for him. He’s got this cool scar next to his eye, too. I like people with scars.

Yeah, scars are cool.

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