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she's going to use it.

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Raising Hell (and the Antichrist) - Prologue

Australia hadn’t been as great as he’d thought. In fact, it was filled with a million poisonous things all trying to kill him. Really it wasn’t that different from back home, not now that he knew what was after him. Jesse put up with it, though, because home wasn’t really an option anymore. He’d figured that as long as he didn’t want to be found, the demons would be unable to track him, but that hadn’t proved entirely true.

He really should have figured. No matter how hard he tried to be normal and pretend that nothing was wrong, stange things just happened to make his life easier. Strange enough things to make it into the newspaper. Strange enough things to send a few demons to investigate. The same was true no matter where he went. After giving up on Australia, he tried England, Wales, and Scotland. There was no need to try seeing if his powers could teach him a new language because by the time his English-speaking options had been exhausted, he’d come to the realization that they’d find him no matter where he went. He simply just didn’t have the control of his powers that he needed to evade them.

The solution came to him while watching Britain’s favorite SciFi show. Time travel was the answer he needed. The demons were looking for him in 2009, and no doubt would continue looking for him in the future, but in the past he could be free. The angel had been terrified of his powers. Certainly time travel was somewhere on the list. All he had to do was wish it, right?

The trouble was WHEN in the past he should go. There was no way Jesse was going so far back in time that they didn’t have gameboys. Eventually he picked 1998 because the number was familiar. Funny that his new life would begin the same year his actual life did. Yes, 1998 would do nicely. By the time the demons were on his trail again, he’d be 22, a full grown adult, and hopefully able to control himself better. If not, then he’d certainly be powerful enough to stop any number of demons that came after him.

Jesse Turner picked up his backback, closed his eyes, and thought of home. The United States, Nebraska… 1998.

He opened his eyes again when he felt rain on his face, and looked up to see a city he didn’t recognize. It was Omaha, though. Somehow he knew that. Omaha in the rain, in 1998.

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